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Kilo - Fruit Whip

Kilo - Fruit Whip

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Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquids is a medley of fresh ripe fruits. Apples, pears, beries, and tropical fruits topped all off with a splash of whipped cream that brings it all together. A perfect balance of fruity flavors and delectable cream, Fruit Whip is a perfect year round vape.

Founded in 2014 – Kilo E-liquid, a world renowned premium e-liquids brand represents the greater freedom of expression through unique ideas and tastes while retaining its own iconic style and originality.

The line has grown to a full complex collection of 5 distinct flavor profiles born under the Kilo legacy; each flavor coveted by a new breed of evolutionary influences.

With quality always preceding quantity, the brand continues to grow methodically while exceeding expectations with craftsmanship to the last drop; garnering us the award for Best in Show 2015.

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