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Baga Vape Co's Mission

Posted by John Keezer on

BAGA was founded in 2012 to make vaping easier; this seems like a simple mission, but it's a new approach to the industry.

Many people are interested in vaping, but they're not looking to start a new hobby, they just want to purchase a vaporizer that will work, and will work well. Before BAGA, people would mix advanced tanks, with batteries, purchase trim rings, adjust voltage, and mix and match coils trying to attain a superior vaping experience. Our experts have done all of that for you, with our Vaporizer line. Just take it out of the box, charge it up, and fill the unit with your eliquid of choice.

With the BagaBreather you will receive several advanced features, like high vapor production, and a high capacity, bottom-coil clearomizer, along with an excellent user experience. With the BAGA vape, there's no button, just inhale to activate. The device charges from the bottom, like your cellphone, and the price point is the same as basic starter kits. The BAGA vaporizer is the perfect way to enter the vaping community, with an easy to use, high performance, vaporizer unit.

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